Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up On Google?

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Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up On Google?

If you’re one of those people who are asking yourself this question then let me shed some light into the confusion of Google search. While I’m not going to try to encapsulate everything involving ranking a site on Google because there are too many factors that go into the process which can’t be formed into a cookie cutter process but I will give you some foundational information.

1. Google Doesn’t Care How Beautiful Your Site Is…

I’ve heard this a countless number of times “but I had a company redesign my site several times to get it just right and it still isn’t showing up”. I think what happens is people invest so much time in the end user they forget that first and foremost your site needs traffic. People often waste all of their marketing budget on getting a site launched but then never think past that point, I related that methodology to building a breath taking sailboat then setting sail without the most important piece of equipment (the sails). Make sure that your marketing budget predominately goes towards getting visitors to your site.

2. Google Is Just One Big High School

In terms of search results the authority of your site plays the biggest overall factor in how well you rank. Let me first clarify that because that word alone will leave you cross eyed if you’re not careful. When I say authority I simply mean “The site with the most high quality & trusted websites linking to it”. With that being said there are thresholds to everything and more is definitely not better. To build upon that explanation I want you to think about it like this, the site with a few links from major sites like (Forbes, Entrepreneur, NY Times) will out rank a site with hundreds of links from mom and pop sites. The key takeaway here is Quality > Quantity > Nothing.

3. It’s A Waiting Game

I would love to tell you that there is some secret formula that will rank your site within a week like the wild wild west days of online marketing but that’s just not the case. For the most part this is a good thing because to be successful in the industry now it takes a true professional. The amount of research and development needed to understand shifts in the algorithm is immense so you know that the people who are still doing it today are worth the investment.

That will give you a great foundation to start from but there is still a lot more you need to know so keep digging my friend, it’s a deep dive.